Faq #1

What is What is Braj Development plans?

Braj development plan means the plan prepared under this act for the development of the braj region and for the development of the infrastructure facilities for tourism and conservation of the heritage both tangible and intangible in braj region.

Faq #2

How can take nominated board membership?

Donors who make a donation of Rs. 10 corores or more shall be eligible to be considered as a nominated member after the approval of the board.

Faq #3

What is implementing agencies?

Implementing agency means a department of the state Government or a local Body in Mathura district or a public undertaking the jurisdiction of the state Government or the government of india.

Faq #4

Who is the chairman of Braj Teerth Vikaas Parishad?

Honourable Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh is the chairman of the board.