As the next step to the signing of the MOU between UPBTVP and IYA, a Joint Implementation and Coordination Committee (JICC) was constituted.
The members of the first JICC, UPBTVP-IYA are:

UPBTVP Nominees:

Sri Shailjakant Mishra (IPS) Retd.
Vice Chairman, UPBTVP

Email: [email protected]

Sri Nagendra Pratap (IAS)

Email: [email protected]

IYA Nominees:

Sri Jaideep Arya
Joint Secretary, IYA

Email: [email protected]

Sri Ranjeet Chaturvedi
Life Member, IYA

Email: [email protected]

Implementation & Coordination Officer:

Sri Ravi Tumuluri
Joint Secretary, IYA

Email: [email protected]

The role of the JICC is:

i. To identify and implement specific activities as also to effectively implement this MOU, a Joint Implementation & Co – ordination Committee for strategic partnership (Here-in-after referred to as "JICC") will be constituted with each party designating TWO members from respective parties with at least ONE member on each side having relevant decision making authority or so delegated by the Vice Chairman, UPBTVP, Mathura and the Secretary General, IYA, Delhi. The JICC will be constituted within one month from the date of signing of this MOU. The members can be changed at the discretion of the nominating Party.

ii. The JICC shall also examine further areas of cooperation between UPBTVP & IYA. JICC will prepare separate secondary MOUs (Only if so required). JICC will also outline the approach to leverage any further activities which is in line with this MOU and provisions thereof. The recommendations of the JICC on any matter referred to it under this MOU will be placed before the appropriate Competent Bodies for approval.

iii. The JICC shall be responsible for the overall Administration, Monitoring and Implementation of the programmes under this MOU. The JICC will define metrics for implementation success and monitor the same periodically during the term of this MOU. The JICC will have the powers to recommend any decisions related to this MOU which shall be subject to the approval of the Competent Bodies

iv. An MOU Implementation & Co-ordination Officer (Here-in-after referred to as the "Co–ordinator") on both sides will be appointed to oversee the implementation of this MOU.

v. The JICC will approve the program designs and fees for all the Programmes under this MOU.

vi. JICC may constitute an Expert Committee to ensure quality standards and observance of rules as maybe required for activities to be taken up through this MOU.

vii. JICC will be responsible for outlining and implementing a comprehensive user communication plan.

viii. JICC will be responsible for driving external visibility of this partnership through and not limited to, a launch event and Joint UPBTVP – IYA Press Release (If required subject to the required clearance from the Competent Authority from the both sides); and

ix. JICC will be responsible for the coordination amongst the respective Statutory Bodies of the parties for implementation of the broad objectives of the MOU.